Gambetta & Crary – Mozart in Hell

Of course, you’d be aware by now that the music is originally composed by Mozart, or more specifically, Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major (‘Alla Turca’) K. 331 (K. 300i): III Rondo alla turca (That’s a REALLY long title).

Beppe Gambetta is an Italian musician born in Genoa in 1955. An acoustic guitar flatpicker and singer, Beppe has been called a “virtual United Nations of influences: Italian, Ukrainian, Appalachian, Sardinisn, Celtic”. He is a composer, teacher, and researcher of traditional music and instruments.

Dan Crary (aka Deacon Dan Crary) is an American bluegrass guitarist. He helped re-establish flat-picked guitar as a prominent soloing bluegrass instrument. Crary is an innovator of the flatpicking style of guitar playing. He is also a Speech communications Professor at California State University, Fullerton. Crary categorizes himself as a “Solo flatpicker” and has recorded several projects that feature him along with guests, usually other innovators of the guitar in all styles.

These two interpreted that Mozart piece and transformed it into this magical piece of music.