The Tape

You miss someone so much as to wish your heart was made of water to forget and shift away;

staying up late to not sleep so you won’t dream of her, either.

You pray it’s just another tape that got accidentally played;

your mind scrambles around to catch the mischievous trigger.

It’ll be just fine, it’ll be alright.

And as time clocks away, things will get better.


Mother’s Love

One day a man tempted an ignorant boy
Using his money, in order to achieve his objective

He said, “O young one, bring me the heart of your mother
And money, jewels and pearls will be yours!”

So he went and plunged a dagger into her chest
And took out the heart and returned the way he came

But because of his haste, he fell
And the dusty heart rolled away as he stumbled

The heart of his mother called him, and he was covered in dust,
“My son! My beloved! Are you hurt?!”

The voice, although it was so gentle, yet
It was like the wrath of the Heavens had fallen on the boy

Thus he understood the enormity of his betrayal that nobody
Had committed but him in the history of mankind

So he rushed back to the heart washing it with the tears
Of his eyes that flowed from the flood of sorrow

And he said, “O heart! Take your revenge from me and do not
Forgive, because my crime is unforgiveable.

And if you forgive then surely I will kill myself
Like those before me who have committed suicide.”

So as he unsheathed his dagger to kill himself,
A stabbing that would remain as an example to those who seek lessons,

The heart of the mother called him saying, “Stop your hand and do not strike my heart twice in succession!”

Ibrahim al-Mundhir

إبراهيم المنذر

Fractal Modeling - Carleton College

Science and Art

Last night, my friends from the San Jose Baha’i community hosted a devotional program with the theme revolving around the arts at the San Jose Baha’i Center. The program was exciting and out of the box. Having had held devotionals before at our house, this program was different. The devotionals started with series of prayers from the Holy Writings, where we then transitioned to reading quotes relevant to the arts from Baha’i Writings and other sources. After everyone has shared their thoughts on the Holy Writings and arts, we broke out into groups and engaged in artistic activity; whether it is creative writing, composing music, theater/drama, or traditional arts. It was a great idea to build a sense of engagement in the program that provides both spiritual and mental growth in one setting.

Many great points and views were shared during the discussion portion of the group. Among them include how the arts and science are interchangeable, and how art has evolved in history to finally reach the stage where humanity can foster their talents and have access to tools and instruments related to art with ease. In addition, one of the participants has expressed that art is not only a mean to entertain the public, but also to express oneself of their identity and emotions; a channel to which people can express their thoughts and ideas. Another point made is how powerful arts are, and how it can be used to promote the well-being of community, or lead to tyranny. An example of such power can be seen during World War II where the arts were used to promote the propaganda and the interest of one nation.

From these points, I realized that through the power of art and practicing of the art, people can help discover themselves and shape themselves in a healthier manner rather than idolizing individuals and following their footsteps religiously without reflection.

If art were to be the medium of self-expression, science complements it as the medium of understanding of the self.

Art and Science can be interchangeable, where a mathematical formula or computer architecture can be defined as “beautiful”, and the beauty and mystery of symmetry can be reflected through the lens of geometry.

Whether you are a scientist, an artist, or a mix of both, excel in them. Let it become a portal of human progress and self-development, for both yourself and your community.

The Video

The video that I posted in this blog shows a beautiful correlation between arts and sciences. The amazing discovery by Ramesh Raskar, associate professor at MIT Media Lab and co-founder of EyeNetra, presents how light (or packets of photons) travels. What was magnificent is how light did not create a ripple effect on a tomato due to the properties of tomatoes structure, where light travels internally and then exits in the back (or wherever the light bounces from within the tomato). The idea was derived from a work of art made possible by a scientist (the bullet piercing through the apple photograph, for example), and this is among the many steps of progress in the field of physics, and of art.


Gambetta & Crary – Mozart in Hell

Of course, you’d be aware by now that the music is originally composed by Mozart, or more specifically, Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major (‘Alla Turca’) K. 331 (K. 300i): III Rondo alla turca (That’s a REALLY long title).

Beppe Gambetta is an Italian musician born in Genoa in 1955. An acoustic guitar flatpicker and singer, Beppe has been called a “virtual United Nations of influences: Italian, Ukrainian, Appalachian, Sardinisn, Celtic”. He is a composer, teacher, and researcher of traditional music and instruments.

Dan Crary (aka Deacon Dan Crary) is an American bluegrass guitarist. He helped re-establish flat-picked guitar as a prominent soloing bluegrass instrument. Crary is an innovator of the flatpicking style of guitar playing. He is also a Speech communications Professor at California State University, Fullerton. Crary categorizes himself as a “Solo flatpicker” and has recorded several projects that feature him along with guests, usually other innovators of the guitar in all styles.

These two interpreted that Mozart piece and transformed it into this magical piece of music.

Bus Stop

Bus Ride

The cold breeze caresses my face
I sneeze out quietly, hiding my mask.
Its yellow light signals to me,
To ride with it home is its task.

Its doors open, like gates of Troy,
And I show my permission. I enter
The bus, warm, soothing and cozy
Shielding me from the freezing winter.

The winds that turn the leaves to gold,
Strike the bus with its golden touch.
The night of darkness now unfolds,
Plunging the bus to its hutch.

Protected, I shut my eyes,
Hoping to arrive home soon. I fell asleep…

Berthe_Morisot - Le Berceau - 1872


In the cradle, our tears fall for water
Until we hear the soothing voices of our mother
Sings her lullaby to her child with grace
You hold her with majestical embrace

Her heart beat, enriched with love and warmth
Her soul, praised by the Mighty and exalted
She is the knight we call for assistance
Or the angel in our dreams

Our eyes shut, our thoughts transform to fantasy
Gently, she takes us to our cradles
Prays to Lord for His care and protection
To gaurd the infant from malevolence

With tears, she ends her prayers
The room turns dark…

You are an Island

You are an island, surrounded by a sea of experience.
Through courage and faith, you build your mountain,
Protecting your island with strength and resilience.
In this world, we are but a child exploring this piece of land
Roaming in the wilderness, playing by the shore
building sandcastles, until we are part of the beach’s sand.

Paradise Island Wallpaper by Nxxos

Diggiri Island, Maldives


So it has began, the moment of reason
Where the soul has been accused of abasement and treason
Facing the Judge, the jury by His side
The angels watching closely, as the soul is being tried

“Tell us of your story, tell us of yourself
Give us your perspective, one which we can serve.”
It closes its eyes, beginning to recall
The moments of its happiness, and the moments of its fall.

“You’ve given me all that I could wish for, given me the best gifts in hand
A career for me to flourish, a family that always stands
Beside me during my hardships, they assist me whenever they can,
And friends that I truly cherish, withstanding my pain and plans.

However, spring came with a surprise, stripping me away from life.
It lead me to the realm of hell, filled with tears and internal strife.
It drenched my heart, drowned my joy
Crushed my confidence, broken like a toy!

I found no justice to what has happened to me,
for I have given it my all; trust, love, and loyalty.
Yet despite it all, I’ve been left behind
Leaving me hopeless, tormented and blind…

Where should I begin?

Where should I go?

Would it even matter?

Would I ever know?

Why did it end the way it has ended?
Why there wasn’t a chance?
Have I done wrong to that person?
Or was this part of a plan?

The room was silent, the plaintiff comes
She faces the soul, her words were glum
“You have more questions than you have have answers,” she said,
“But it doesn’t give you the rights!” Her emotions were flared

Why was the soul being tried, why were it so cold?The angels heard patiently, as the story began to unfold.

Love Garden

Love Poem

The wind of ecstasy passes through me

And the sign of our love is shown in a tree

The tree that have been planted by you and me

On its wood you engraved “I love thee”

You stood by me, replacing my misery

With laughter, joy and harmony

From your true love, your only love

To my beloved, my only beloved