So it has began, the moment of reason
Where the soul has been accused of abasement and treason
Facing the Judge, the jury by His side
The angels watching closely, as the soul is being tried

“Tell us of your story, tell us of yourself
Give us your perspective, one which we can serve.”
It closes its eyes, beginning to recall
The moments of its happiness, and the moments of its fall.

“You’ve given me all that I could wish for, given me the best gifts in hand
A career for me to flourish, a family that always stands
Beside me during my hardships, they assist me whenever they can,
And friends that I truly cherish, withstanding my pain and plans.

However, spring came with a surprise, stripping me away from life.
It lead me to the realm of hell, filled with tears and internal strife.
It drenched my heart, drowned my joy
Crushed my confidence, broken like a toy!

I found no justice to what has happened to me,
for I have given it my all; trust, love, and loyalty.
Yet despite it all, I’ve been left behind
Leaving me hopeless, tormented and blind…

Where should I begin?

Where should I go?

Would it even matter?

Would I ever know?

Why did it end the way it has ended?
Why there wasn’t a chance?
Have I done wrong to that person?
Or was this part of a plan?

The room was silent, the plaintiff comes
She faces the soul, her words were glum
“You have more questions than you have have answers,” she said,
“But it doesn’t give you the rights!” Her emotions were flared

Why was the soul being tried, why were it so cold?The angels heard patiently, as the story began to unfold.