How the Economic Crisis is Improving our Community?

The economic crisis that was, and it still is, affecting us in a global scale has been only viewed by the general media as a negative factor to the world of business and industry. In addition, the increase in the unemployment rate is introducing the factor of crime and poverty into every nation; where every individual is competiting and fighting to get a piece of the pie.

However, in the midst of this catastrophe, there is a bright light for the future of civilization. As budgets become tighter, education becomes less affordable, and jobs are hard to capture; the competition is being centered on individuals to compete with themselves to attain the best of the best, or grasp the taste of excellence.

After much thought and reflection, I summarized my views on how the crisis is benefiting us (from a student perspective) at present:

The field of education is facing a huge budget dilemma. Public universities and community colleges are facing budget cuts, leading to shortages in the number of classes, reduction of faculty members and reducing the number of admitted students. However, on the other hand, many individuals who have been laid off are planning to join a University to continue their education and be supported by the government. I overheard a student in the bus stating “it is better to be in school now! Else you will have to be looking for a job for the next 2 years.” The unemployed at present are given the opportunity to improve their educational background using the experiences they have gained in the working field. With the acquisition of more up-to-date education and information, the individual is supplied with the skills and knowledge that will provide them with a more secured job position and valuable knowledge for the long run.

As for the general public, the budget cut is forcing students to study harder to enter the university of their choice. This is a chance where schools will enforce stricter and a higher educational standards due to the demand of the job market and universities are imposing on the society. The long term effect will lead to the improvement of the economy and a stronger, smarter and creative labor force. Of course, one may state that this will place the burden on the students who are struggling in this economy. And unfortunately, that is correct. However, institution of higher education and government must work on minimizing the financial burden for the student and identify on how to make their degrees and students more proactive and useful in the community. Regardless of the degree, the institution of higher education and government should present the available options for people to have the chance to excel in their field; whether in a firm, as researchers expanding their field of work, or if they start their own business.

Of course, there is much more to investigate, and in the end, it lies on the individual to strive for the best and attain success.