So, what makes you happy?

Every game night, we play a game where the host asks a question and the guests write the answers down in a sheet of paper. All those papers are dumped into a hat, and then the host reads the answers aloud without passing them out to anyone else. The whole goal is to have the guest figure out who answered what.

Some of the awesome questions mentioned were:

What is the thing you wish you could do that has no negative consequence?

What is one of the craziest dreams you wish to accomplish?

If you were given a billion dollars today to spend only, what would you do? (someone said buy an iPod and break it…just one).

Anyhow, what boggles my mind a lot when I interact when people is the simple question of What Makes You Happy?

Easy question to ask, super hard to answer. Been really thinking about how to best answer that question through implementing the answer rather than answering it. So far, I’ve accomplished in completing/achieving some of them:

  • Compose/Produce music.
  • Organize events.
  • Being as helpful as possible (In Progress, possibly always In Progress)

Given what has happened so far, the stuff above are short term goals that well brighten my day for a bit and then I will embark in the journey in pursuit of happiness.

Some of the ideas I had in mind for a while:

  • Start a business (somewhere, somehow, someplace).
  • Travel for service (Gap year, serve somewhere, Engineers without Borders or something in that line…) – Personally, I am still not sure about this as my anxiety > happiness.
  • Family (which involves feeling of security, prosperity, stability, unity….etc)

Too short honestly, but that’s what I feel deep in my heart at present as to what I wish to accomplish sometime soon in the near future. Yay for uncertainty!